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Whatโ€™s the Affaire?

Affair with an -e.

Crumbs Affaire was an accidental creation.

2 Co-Founders of a typical cupcake business were selling both mini cheesecakes and cupcakes at a fundraising carnival. The mini cheesecakes were sold out so quickly that they wondered what was wrong with their ordinary cupcakes. Something about it rang a bell.

There was no other dessert like our Petite Cheesecakes, that could bring out the joy and the novelty of a miniature dessert.

Welcome to Crumbs Affaire.

Both Co-founders are huge lovers of cheesecakes.

But for the longest time, we have not seen much innovation out of cheesecakes. We are here to change your experiences with desserts.

Our Petite Cheesecakes are premium bite-size artisanal cheesecakes that are guilt-free and fun to enjoy. Many of our customers love them so much, that they came back to get more for their family and friends.

This is the affaire.

Experience the oriental twist with our newly launched Japanese series!
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