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7 Fascinating facts of Cheesecakes you never knew of.

You love cheesecakes? So do I!

Let’s cut to some fascinating facts of cheesecakes you never knew.

1. Not only New York has their own cheesecakes.

Everyone knows the famous New York Cheesecake โ€” creamy, luscious goodness.

But, there are also other versions of cheesecakes! Such as Pennsylvanian, Philadelphian, Chicagoan, Asian, Australian, German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Brazilian, Colombian, and the list goes on. Going back to history, it was known that the great cheesecake bakers and connoisseursย are mostly in the state of New York. As a result, the signature name “New York Cheesecake” was created referring to the luscious dessert made in New York.

2. Cheesecake flavoured POSTAGE STAMPS?!

Wait, postage stamps that smells and taste like cheesecakes?

Lol, yes. They were produced by Hรคagen-Dazs together with the Austria Postage service as a marketing effort to stimulate repeat purchase of their ice creams. These fun stamps had a few flavours cheesecake infused in them, and one of it was Strawberry Cheesecake โ€” classic favourite. Pretty cool ya?

Apparently, the marketing campaign worked extremely well!

3. Alcoholic? How about some Cheesecakes Shots.

There are a rare couple of recipes for alcoholic cheesecake shots online. Here, we found a comprehensive collection of various cheesecake boozy shots that you can recreate, using alcohol like Bourbon and Champagne. Any bartenders here that can make us one to try?

4. Cheesecake is NOT a cake.

Cheesecake is definitely not a cake. Even though it has the word “cake” in its name, it does not resembles a typical cake that’s spongy and breadlike. It is more like a tart, or a pie. Head over to this post to read more.

5. National Cheesecake Day

According to Google, the National Cheesecake Day is on the 30 July. That calls for an annual celebration for our queen.

6. Cheesecake Kit Kats

We all know Kit Kat is always very innovative and creative with their flavours. How about cheesecake flavoured Kit Kats? Kit Kat seem to have launched an original flavour, and strawberry cheesecake flavour in mini sizes!

Interestingly, you are supposed to bake the original cheesecake Kit Kat before consumption; that’s some authentic experience right there. I love this innovation.

7. Cheesecake was first made by Greeks!

This queen was created many centuries ago.

The first ever cheesecake invented could be dated back to the fifth century BC, which is around 1,520 years ago! It was made with fresh cheese, pounded together with honey and flour, and cooked on a earthenware griddle (in other words, a cooking pot for the olden days).

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