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Japanese Series | Box of 12


Welcoming the spring with our Japanese series on Petite Cheesecakes! With the 3 iconic flavours that screams Japan:

Black Sesame – Your next healthy, nutty black dessert. Full on Black Sesame flavour. Made with well-baked, no additives Black Sesame paste. Topped with Black Sesame crumble.

Yuzu – The citrus fruit that brings us back to Japan. Ah, refreshing. Using 100% Pure Yuzu juice from Japan. Topped with Yuzu curd & sliced Yuzu peels.

Matcha – How can we forget about you, our local favourite? Baked with Premium Uji Matcha Powder from Kyoto. Topped with Matcha crumble.


Allow our Petite Cheesecakes to bring you back to Japan effortlessly. An exquisite series that any dessert lover cannot miss out on. They are Premium; Artisanal; Bite-size; Guilt-free — surely makes up a conversational topic the next time you see a cheesecake lover.


FREE DELIVERY. Free complimentary writing service for Gifting. Indicate the Recipient’s name, contact details and your personal message in “Order Notes” before checking out.

*due to the card design, please limit your message to only 1 sentence.

**No alcohol, gelatin, pork or lard.



  • Black Sesame:
    • Made with well-baked, no additives Black Sesame. Black Sesame cheesecake, topped with Black Sesame crumble. Classic biscuit crust.


  • Yuzu:
    • Using 100% pure Yuzu juice. Yuzu cheesecake, topped with Yuzu curd and sliced Yuzu peel.  Classic biscuit crust.


  • Matcha:
    • Baked with Premium Uji Matcha powder from Kyoto. Matcha Cheesecake, topped with Matcha crumble. Classic biscuit crust.

*No alcohol, gelatin, pork or lard.



    • For people who generally love desserts or to try em’ out, get a box of 6!
    • For gifting/cheesecake or chocolate lovers, 6 is never enough. Get a box of 12!


    • We recommend our customers to follow the eating recommendations stated on the card for the best gastronomical experience.
    • Be sure to cleanse your palate in between flavours with some water, or a cup of tea.
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